One Year Later

So hello, On my 21st birthday, I was told that my anxiety and depression was bad enough and obviously clinical enough to warrant medication. My 22nd birthday was on Friday (woo) and in the past year I have gone off of my meds by my own choice and by the issue of insurance providers and […]

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Psalm 143

Since November, I could feel myself slipping. I knew it was coming, this fall happens every year. I was hoping that maybe due to areas of my life going unusually well (new relationships, job I enjoy, friendships to love), it just wouldn’t come. So instead of preparing for it, I just slowly fell into it. […]

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The Best I Could Do

These past couple of weeks I’ve wanted to write a blog post so badly, I just had so many thoughts and feelings that I wanted to share. The problem was the fluctuation over the days and even just hours at some points. I’ve struggled worse with my depression and anxiety in the past month and […]

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Dear Future Husband,

Dear Future Husband, Hi, it’s me. I’m Carrie and apparently you decided it was a good idea to put a ring on it. I will probably never understand why you thought it was a good idea, but I’m sure that I’m thankful for it daily. I’m currently 21 and sitting in a coffee shop thinking […]

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Tell them you love them

About a week ago, I started my new job as a CNA at an assisted living community for the elderly. It’s been a wild six days, learning how to bathe them, feed them, speak to them, move them, and many other things that I will spare you the details of. I have so many stories […]

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I am not enough

It seems like everywhere on social media and off, there are these motivational posters and signs saying “You are enough”. I understand that they are trying to help those with low self-esteem and the like to know that they are worth it and that no matter what anyone else says, they are worthy of love […]

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