My slow brew.

It’s so so easy to get bogged down by life.

It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and anxious and just want to crawl into a hole and drink tea (or other warm drinks, I just drink the superior one). It’s so easy to scroll through Facebook and feel distressed at the state of the world. It’s so easy to look at your schedule and wonder how you’ll ever make it to tomorrow, much less Friday.

I had a three hour rant session tonight at Perkins with one of my good friends while we ate breakfast for dinner (I mainly ate potatoes, no shame.). We took turns sharing our hurts and our frustrations over pancakes. We both shared that we have no idea what to do with any of our problems. There were no easy solutions, which just made things look even more bleak.

I got home from that, ready to collapse. The weight of the world was on my shoulders. I felt helpless. Hopeless. Wondering why I should even bother. This was how I’ve come home most days in the past couple of weeks.

I proceeded to make myself tea (what else do you do in a time of need?) and I looked around. My friend, Nick, gave me the kettle I was using after he saw me burn myself too many times as I used a pot. My friend, Nathan, gave my roommate and I two cute tea infusers, one in the shape of a manatee (manatea, get it?) and the other in the shape of a sloth (for your slow brew, haha). The mug I chose was my mom’s old favourite mug, one that matched almost all of her other plates. She used it almost every morning for her coffee while I was growing up.

While yes, my heart is confused and hurting and it feels like it might be hardening, I can’t help but look at this small task and see how loved and cared for I am. And all I did was make tea! Not to mention the venting session I just had and the book discussion I had with another good friend earlier today.

Friend, please know that no matter how far away God feels, no matter how far out of reach He may be to your trying hands… He is there. He just might not be there in the way you might expect. He might not come when you expect Him to.

Who knows, He might be showing you love in the form of a sloth infuser.





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