I have tried to stick to being this person that I’ve believed that other people want me to be. I have gone through many different phases – the “emo” phase, the “wear all the nerdy t-shirts and nerd out” phase, the “wanna be hipster but I live in a small town in Canada and there’s […]

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Mental Illness and Faith

Hi everyone! This past week, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to share with my church’s youth group about mental illness. I took the outline and decided to make it into a blog post! If you have any questions or concerns, please just let me know. DISCLAIMER: all of this is based on […]

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Like most people in this world, I am used to comparing myself to those around me. I don’t think that this idea of comparing ourselves is a new concept, I believe it’s been around as long as pride and jealousy and insecurity has been (which is as long as Adam and Eve, hence the fall […]

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Psalm 143

Since November, I could feel myself slipping. I knew it was coming, this fall happens every year. I was hoping that maybe due to areas of my life going unusually well (new relationships, job I enjoy, friendships to love), it just wouldn’t come. So instead of preparing for it, I just slowly fell into it. […]

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I am not enough

It seems like everywhere on social media and off, there are these motivational posters and signs saying “You are enough”. I understand that they are trying to help those with low self-esteem and the like to know that they are worth it and that no matter what anyone else says, they are worthy of love […]

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One of the things I love about living in the midwest are the huge storms. The lightning, hail, torrential downpour, and deafening thunder are my favourite things. We had one of our first big storms of the year tonight and I left Bible study to go out in it. I danced in the rain while […]

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