The Past 10 Years

Ten years ago, I decided through an altar call that I was going to repeat a prayer and “accept Jesus into my heart”. Tomorrow I get baptized again. The past 10 years have been insane. They have been filled with laughter, change, hurt, and pain. They have been filled with many of the happiest moments, […]

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I’m Trying

Have you ever thought “I wonder what’s wrong with me”? This thought has been running laps in my head more that usual lately. For those of you who are unaware of my history, I am currently at my third school in three years and I’m on my sixth major. I’ve created an image around this. […]

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Baptism Sunday

While I realize that today is not Sunday (it’s currently Friday while I’m writing this), but I was just reflecting on the fact that I’m getting baptized this Sunday and how excited I am for this! I have been baptized before. I was 11 and I was told about my need to get baptized after […]

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de·re·al·i·za·tion dēˌrē(ə)ləˈzāSHən/ noun a feeling that one’s surroundings are not real, especially as a symptom of mental disturbance. I’ve written a lot about my anxiety and depression as I try to sort through it. It’s always been kind of scary. It’s always been an unknown. It always will be an unknown I think. Derealization is […]

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Social Justice Warrior

Somehow, the idea of being a social justice warrior has gotten a bad rep. I think I was one before I understood that there was a name for it and a stigma attached to it. Do you remember the Kony 2012 disaster? Whenever that was popular and people realized that there was a real threat […]

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It Might Be Okay

Yesterday, I felt a panic attack coming on and so I took extra meds for the first time. With the last of my anxious energy, I cleaned the entire house. Once they kicked in, I put music on and just laid on the floor. I just laid there and stared at the ceiling for what […]

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Happy Birthday

So, somehow this blog has kind of just turned into me writing about my anxiety. I promise that there are other things happening, things that I will talk about. However, anxiety just seems to be the most obvious thing to me right now. Today was my 21st birthday. It didn’t seem too different than most […]

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