My Tattoos

For those of you who don’t know, I have seven tattoos! I’m basically that coolest person you know (just kidding). But even if you did know that, I think it’d be cool if I got to tell you the reason for each one! And not just the quick mumbled version so I can stop talking […]

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Medication Update

Hi guys! I want to use this blog to first and foremost be a place where I am honest and open as I struggle through my mental illness journey. One of the tools I’ve been trying to use to help me throughout my journey is medication. After 6 weeks of taking my new med, Paxil […]

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Like most people in this world, I am used to comparing myself to those around me. I don’t think that this idea of comparing ourselves is a new concept, I believe it’s been around as long as pride and jealousy and insecurity has been (which is as long as Adam and Eve, hence the fall […]

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One Year Later

So hello, On my 21st birthday, I was told that my anxiety and depression was bad enough and obviously clinical enough to warrant medication. My 22nd birthday was on Friday (woo) and in the past year I have gone off of my meds by my own choice and by the issue of insurance providers and […]

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Psalm 143

Since November, I could feel myself slipping. I knew it was coming, this fall happens every year. I was hoping that maybe due to areas of my life going unusually well (new relationships, job I enjoy, friendships to love), it just wouldn’t come. So instead of preparing for it, I just slowly fell into it. […]

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The Best I Could Do

These past couple of weeks I’ve wanted to write a blog post so badly, I just had so many thoughts and feelings that I wanted to share. The problem was the fluctuation over the days and even just hours at some points. I’ve struggled worse with my depression and anxiety in the past month and […]

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